Why Taxis in London Are Expensive Means of Transport

In London, taxis are regarded to be of the most common means of moving through the country. They are usually used instead of private cars on some occasions, or by people who are uncomfortable when using public buses, minibuses or vans to travel to any destination. Following their high preference, taxis are popular throughout the streets of London for the convenience that they come with.

As a result, are preferable because they help passengers to get from one place to another in a slightly short time period. This is why taxis are better forms of vehicle transportation as compared to other public service vehicles. In London, Taxis are more pricey or expensive due to some reasons along the lines discussed below.

Maintenance cost of taxis is slightly expensive when compared to that of buses or other common means of transport. Taxis in London are the most preferred means of transport which means that they make many trips to different cities or towns around London in one day. It is a very repetitive process which is done daily causing their parts to quickly wear out.

The worn out parts of a taxi needs to be changed immediately for the taxis to function properly. These frequently worn out parts include the engines, tyres or other important parts that facilitate transport. Unlike other big vehicles used for transportation, taxis usually carry a few passengers. Taxis are small which means that for every trip to any specific location around London, the passengers have to be charged a higher price. This is to get enough money for maintenance, paying the driver as well as saving.

A total cost of fuel to run taxis is slightly high and, the expensive fees charged help in buying in enough fuel to cover any trip around London. Sometimes in one round through a town city or any location, a taxi driver may only get one passenger going in a specific direction. In this case, the fare of the taxi gets to be rather expensive in a way that it can cater for the fuel used in addition to the drivers earning to avoid encountering losses. When the cost of fuel rises, the taxi fares also slightly increase to avoid going short of money to buy fuel.

The maximum number of people that a taxi can carry is 4 therefore, in circumstances where a taxi driver gets all four people going on a trip to the same destination, the fare reduces. This is because, the total cost is equally shared among all four passengers which will be enough to cater for fuel expenses together with the drivers earnings for the day.

The distance to be traveled by a customer greatly determines whether the taxi fare will either be cheap or expensive. London is a country with numerous cities, towns or destinations with different distances. In a case that a passenger would like to go to a destination which is very far from the town center or where a taxi parking lots is located, transportation fees is likely to increase. For cases that the desired destination is near, then the fare will be somewhat cheaper. Long-distance places require large volumes of fuel and by charging passengers a higher price, the taxi drivers can easily buy fuel. In addition, they can save money or earn some extra income.

London is a country that has numerous cities, towns and business destinations that people mostly prefer to go to by taxis. Being a busy country with congested roads frequented with traffic jams, taxis are commonly used vehicles for transportation. Due to their conveniences, reliability, security and speed together with the fact that the drivers know alternative shortcuts to use in times of jams. However, these

London taxis are usually expensive. They charge a high transport fees as compared to other forms of public transportation vehicles because they carry a few customers in every trip made but need to make an average income in a single trip. Charging high fees as a result is important so that they can easily afford to maintain their taxi, purchase fuel or make profits for the driver’s upkeep. This together with all factors are from the various reasons that explain why London taxis are expensive.

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