Why London Black Cabs Are Expensive

Black cabs are specialised vehicles which are used for transportation in a city or a town center. The drivers of these cars are highly educated in the field of driving and have to go through an extensive training, different tests together with a final examination before being qualified as drivers. These cabs have high standards, are comfortable in addition to being convenient. In London, black cabs are expensive due to many reasons along the ones discussed below.

They are elegant, much more spacious and comfortable which require higher costs of maintenance. In addition to their pleasing aesthetic outlook, these black cabs have a good driving appeal because they are highly mobile having a great turning ability as compared to other cars around congested towns, cities or subways. As a result, passengers arrive at their destinations on time.

Presence of highly trained drivers who undergo a series of different training, examinations and have to study all roots around London. The drivers are required to master passages of 25,000 streets with 20,000 landmarks to qualify for driving to ensure that they can take passengers to any destination around London.

With this knowledge, the passengers taking black cabs are rest assured of reaching their destinations on time. The professional drivers have also studied the history of all the cities around London ensuring that passengers are not bored during the travel because of the great stories told by the drivers which is why, London black cabs are slightly expensive as compared to other means of transport around London.

London black cabs are very safe since they are licensed cars which are expected to strictly follow all the road safety rules without failure. The drivers are not allowed to over speed, overtake other cars, use drugs when driving or carry more passengers than the required amount. London cabs therefore prove to be an ideal and convenient means of transport for family trips due to the fewer accidents because of all the safety rules strictly observed by the highly trained drivers.

From all other means of transport which can be used to navigate London, the London black cabs are preferable despite them being expensive. The drivers have more profound or in-depth knowledge about all the roads, routes, shortcuts, history, cultures and are most professional with knowledge in the field of driving. Their elegance, comfort in addition to their pleasing aesthetic view are among other reasons why these London cabs are expensive.

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