Simple Way to Turn a Car Into a Limo

A limousine is a very luxurious car that is used for top functions and costs a lot of money to own. The advantage of the limos is that it can be used as an office or even a conference facility for executive meetings. Not all of us have much money to waste on a limo to get the luxury that comes with it.

Therefore, a need to modify a normal car into a limo becomes prevalent in contemporary society. Consequently, some companies like INKAS have strategically positioned themselves to do the bodywork conversion by converting your car into your desired shape. They can extend a car’s body and create a comfortable interior that looks like a real limo.

To understand the cost, it is important to know the required features before a vehicle can be converted into a limo. The most important factor to consider is an engine of a car to be extended. A V8 size engine is usually recommended with fuel consumption of more than 1.5 liters per kilometer. In addition, you need a four-wheel-drive car to avoid traction and braking problems, otherwise, a front drive can work provided you balance the weight so that less weight falls on rear tires.

To keep your budget low, you can buy two economy salon cars, then rear them apart before welding them, then inserting a V8 engine and giving it a rear-wheel drive.

The cost analysis will involve getting the price of an original car to be converted into the limo. Two economies Honda Accord salons could cost you about $5,000, then the conversion cost could go for $6,000, including the cost of the V8 engine. The conversion process into a limo involves tearing the two cars then welding them into one.

This is followed by exterior fabrication and, finally, interior fabrication. Once that body is worked out, the final step involves a road test and quality inspection to know the maximum speed, angle of inclination, turning radius as well as interior sound insulation test.

The cost of turning a car into a limo could be either cheap or expensive, depending on the style you choose to achieve it. In addition, different companies will charge a different amount to do the conversion and fabrication. By using an economy salon, the cost would significantly go down, but by going for an expensive four-wheel car, then the cost would skyrocket. It is significant to understand the economics involved before taking such a move.

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