Politely Telling a Taxi Driver Not To Talk To You

Having a talkative taxi driver who starts a conversation now and then can be the most enjoyable thing about your ride or can make it the worst ride of your life. It all depends on how a person feels during the ride, whether you want to have a conversation with the driver or not.

Sometimes a person feels like having a conversation with the driver to make their journey less boring, or the driver starts an interesting conversation that you can’t help but take part in. Other times you are tired or have a lot on your mind, and you want a quiet ride. How can a passenger politely tell a taxi driver to stop talking when in need of a quiet time or simply not interested in the conversation?

The best way to tell the taxi not to talk to them is to tell them the truth about how you feel about them talking. For example, when a person is tired, they can tell the taxi driver that they are exhausted and appreciate a quiet ride. When you have a lot on your mind, you can tell them that you have a lot on your mind and can’t talk at that moment. A passenger can also tell them that they don’t feel like talking or having a conversation, even if there is no particular reason. Most taxi drivers are adults and would understand when a passenger tells them that they need a quiet time, a person doesn’t even have to lie about it.

There are times a passenger might want to do something else such as listening to music, play a game or complete some work without any disturbance. In such situations, you may not want a quiet time but still don’t want the taxi driver to talk to you. People can say they’d like to listen to some music during the ride immediately they enter the vehicle.

The passenger can say that they’d like to finish your work during the journey. When a taxi driver forgets what you told them at the beginning of the journey then starts talking to you, you can tell them that you are focusing on something and would appreciate some silence.

Staying on your phone can also be a non-verbal way of asking them not to talk. Most taxi drivers will know that the individual doesn’t want to be disturbed when they are extremely focused on their phones. Sleeping can be another getaway from talkative taxi drivers. These are non-verbal ways of telling taxi drivers not to talk during their journey, especially for people who don’t want to say anything completely.

To be polite when asking a taxi driver not to talk to you is to use polite words such as please, kindly or appreciate while doing so. These words will make it easy to say it as well as make the taxi driver feel respected. Remember that taxi drivers may be having some bad days too, talking to them impolitely would be harsh.

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