How To Find A Cheap Taxi From London Heathrow Airport

When people go out for a business trip or on vacation, they pay much attention to hotel bookings and the things they should pack. Unfortunately, most forget to include a taxi in their bookings, which has proved costly in the longest run. If you’re planning to travel via air, it’s important to ensure that you avoid a last-minute rash to book a taxi.

It may not be the biggest airport in Europe, but London Heathrow Airport is undoubtedly one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. According to, London Heathrow Airport received more than 22 million passengers in 2020, down from the 90 million passengers that the airport handled in 2019. This is a clear indication that many travelers prefer London Heathrow Airport.

Getting a cheap taxi from London Heathrow Airport is one thing that has proved challenging for many travelers. It is important to follow to employ the following strategy if you want to land a cheaper taxi from London Heathrow Airport. Urgency is one factor that makes people spend more on a taxi, but you can prevent this if you make a booking for a taxi. In this era of technological advancement, plenty of platforms permit users to book a taxi in advance.

Numerous benefits come with this, including knowing the exact amount you’re going to pay for a given taxi. Similarly, booking a taxi only will allow you to compare prices offered by different taxi services. It is the best opportunity that you can use to select a cost-effective taxi service. Depending on your destination, a different taxi company will charge you differently.

For example, you’re going to pay slightly above £54 if you’re going to use Great Britain Cars to move from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick Airport. Both London Heathrow and Gatwick airports have only 40 miles standing between them. Ideally, you can spend less than £46 if you’re going to opt for Twelve Transfers.

Consequently, the size of your luggage will determine if you’re going to land a cheaper taxi from London Heathrow Airport. The easiest way of getting a cheaper taxi is to make sure that you don’t carry large luggage. Almost all taxis demand extra payments if the size of luggage is above a certain threshold. What you are going to pay for your luggage will depend on the overall size and the type of company you have selected. Sure, some taxi companies will charge you higher than others for the same luggage, and therefore, more emphasis should be placed on choosing a taxi that will not drain your pocket.

Even though pre-booking a taxi is the only viable way of getting a cheaper taxi from London Heathrow Airport, it does not pass without challenges. If it’s the first time you’re using London Heathrow Airport, you’re most likely going to waste time searching for a taxi driver after landing at the airport. Things can be worse if you’re traveling from another country where the communication network is different.

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